15 simple tips you can't miss out for becoming a great speaker (final)

  • by Louis Desrosiers

Speaking in public contains traps that can turn a simple speech into a real purgatory. Here are 15 simple ideas to implement, unknown to most people, that will make you a popular speaker.

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11 Allow for a break
The brain’s level of attention falls dramatically after 20 minutes for a passive listener and then at intervals of 10 minutes. If you give a conference or a speech longer than 20 minutes you should take this into account and deliver your key concepts accordingly. Book lighter moments and content for these periods of fatigue.

12 A little humor
You will be greatly appreciated if you know how to bring some humor into your presentations. This is not to tell an irrelevant joke, but rather to relax the atmosphere a bit. This will trigger a clear signal that everyone can breathe a little.
These moments allow the audience to ease their level of concentration relative to the actual content of your presentation. They will use this less serious times to change their seating, move the legs a bit and find a new comfort. This shows how much you respect the audience because it proves that you know and understand their needs for rest. You confirm that these moments of pause are not a waste of time.
A good technique is often to do a little self-deprecating by drawing attention to a detail on a slide or by bringing a nice but bizarre slide. Do not fish on the side though. Stay within the boundaries of good taste.
Imagine, for example, projecting a very nice picture, covering the entire screen, a beautiful alignment of six bottles of red wine as you say, “So after a long period reflection ... ‘ or ’ So, after extensive study and deep analysis of data ... ‘

13 Maintain eye contact with audience
It is important to look at the audience. You must scan the crowd regularly. To avoid loss of concentration, you can avoid looking anyone directly in the eyes. Fixing a point beyond the last row is a good practice when you start with this technique. With time and practice, you will come quickly to be able to look successively and randomly various members of the assembly without losing your train of thought.
You’ll even be able to catch moments of interaction (always appreciated by the audience) : “I note that some wonder. You, sir, would you need some clarifications about this? ‘This shows your ability to listen, great confidence in your statements and prove the profound respect that you show to the audience because you care about them. It also makes your presentation much more dynamic, because it is enriched with a new perspective often shared by many. Be careful not to deviate from your main purpose.

14 Finish with the contact info and the repetition of the main message
It is a good habit to reserve the last slide in the presentation for contact information: name, direct telephone number, email. This gives an occasion to gather contact information for possible follow-up, shows great confidence (you are really willing to answer questions) and a high level of confidence and respect for your audience.
This slide should also repeat the main message of the presentation in 5-10 words.

15 Answer questions
Always assess if the question is of interest to the majority of the audience. If yes, go ahead and develop your answer. The person who asked the question, however, may have a subquestion. Continue, but very briefly, and jump to the next question, apologizing for having to share the question & answer period with other members of the audience.
If the issue is not of general interest, answer, but very briefly (less than 20 words) outlining the direction of your response and inviting the caller to meet with you privately after the presentation. Go to the next question.

Well, this is it for our Short guide for speakers, 15 tips for becoming an outstanding speaker. We thank you for selecting our product. We hope this small series of info on how to make a greater use of your lectern will help you in the near future.
If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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