world shipping - free in USA


Is it free shipping?

Yes, it's free ground shipping on any order in the contiguous 48 states! The free ground shipping applies to the continental U.S.

Do you ship in the U.S.?

Sure we do! And what is good about this is that we take care of everything! Nothing to worry about customs, taxes or duties. It is all on us. You simply receive the products to your door and voilà! That's it, nothing else to care about.

Do we have to pay the customs and duties?

No, we pay them, it is all included. Nothing to worry about customs, taxes or duties. It is all on us. You simply receive the products to your door and voilà! That's it, nothing else to care about.

Do you ship around the world?

Yes, we do. Great designs are universal. Consult our Shipping Fees page for all the info. Try us, you won't be disappointed.

About moving the product

Can we move the lectern around if it doesn't have wheels?

Our lecterns don't need to be anchored onto the floor so it is easy to move them around if needed.

Can my lectern have wheels?

Yes. We gave our customers the opportunity to select their lectern without wheels or with wheels. Most models have this option available. Make sure to put the proper variant in your cart.

I have ordered a lectern without wheels. Can I add wheels later on?

Yes, you can! Our designs let you replace the standard base plate by a base with wheels at any time. Simply order the base with wheels option (see it here).

I would prefer a dolly. Do you have that product?

Yes, we do! See the Plate with wheels option (see it here)


Why "assembly required"

In order to save you money, we ship the lecterns and podiums flat. They are not pre-assembled in our shop. This helps us to use the smallest shipping box possible for every model and thus let you save the most on shipping cost. We also save on labor time to assemble the product for you in our shop prior to ship it. You save that money as well. This gives us the opportunity to develop and sell very nicely designed product at a reasonable and affordable price.

Is it complicated to assemble a lectern?

Our designers made sure to make it very easy to assemble the lecterns. Everything is really straightforward. We include all the screws and nuts along with any specialized tool with every podium. We also include clear assembly instructions showing steps by steps on how to assemble the lecterns.

Sustainable development

What about the environment?

Our products, from design to use, are working for you ... and for tomorrow. Check our approach here (more...)


We already have a gooseneck microphone, can we use it with the lecterns?

Yes. We have a module that is designed to be installed on the podium to connect gooseneck microphones: the standard microphone connector which provides an XLR connection. The XLR standard is widely used in the sound industry. Your microphone will most likely snap in place. We also have a module with an articulated arm with a universal clip that can accept any other microphones. Check the "Options" collection in this store.

Can we see a video of the collection of podiums?

Yes, absolutely. Click here to go to Youtube.

Placing an order

Do you accept PO's?

Of course, we gladly accept PO. Governments, institutions and large companies can't usually buy online. We understand your situation. We do deal a lot with cities, governments and larges institutions. That's why we invite you to contact us directly. You will get a highly personalized service to help you acquire your new lectern. Call toll free 1-877-764-6962 or 819-604-6962.