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About Us - Our story

Lectern Store by Urbann
The Lectern Store is a corporate online store owned and operated by the award-winning design and manufacturing company Urbann Products inc., Global Excellence Awards Best High-Quality Lecterns 2019 - Canada and Designer Awards Furniture Designers of the Year 2019 - Quebec.

Like you, we were tired of large and massive wooden podiums used for decades in every venue. Like you, we were convinced that podiums had the right to be good looking and modern. That they could be slim and elegant. That they could have timeless lines. That they could give you a surge of self-confidence instead of hiding you in your fears. We started our business to fill the gap between you and your needs.

We knew that podiums could be intelligently designed. That this piece of furniture too could be brought in the lights of the 21st century. We started in 2007 but our desire to design and fabricate beauty and harmony was always present.

We started small develop great solutions. We design, we fabricate, we sell, we ship and we export lecterns. Lecterns and podiums are a passion. We love to explain and to advise anyone asking. And we listen too.

We have lecterns everywhere

We have lecterns all across the country including Hawaii.
We have lecterns in Canada, in Europe, in Africa, in India, and in China, at sea on some cruise ship somewhere around the globe and off-shore in the Gulf of Mexico. 

We have lecterns in universities and colleges, in schools, in cities, in hotels and restaurants, in conference centers, in arenas, in museums, in corporations, in churches, in cultural centers, in political debates, in launching events of all sorts, in police stations, in banks, and even in Alaska.
We have lecterns everywhere. And we would love you to have one.