Urbann Design Team Speaks

  • by Louis Desrosiers

The rich creative path of designing duo Julie Boucher and Louis Desrosiers comprises over 40 years of experience in various areas of design. In addition to their original approach to space creation, they share the same passion for pure forms that are both strict and subtly sensuous.

“When I create an object, I enjoy incorporating the concept into the whole space design. In that sense, the object is totally alive; it has the capacity to entirely shape the atmosphere and perceptions in the space by impacting on the experience of users in a delicate or powerful manner. 
But in and of itself, an object has no meaning and does not interest me. There must be meaning, absolutely, it is mandatory! Meaning is crucial when it comes to creation. Let’s not forget that design answers our human need for knowledge and beauty, understanding with one’s mind and heart… On the other hand, to create something different just for difference’s sake, to me, is no innovation. Rather, I believe that innovation is seen in the way one approaches the object in space. These types of reflection lead to other realities, beyond the conventional.”
Louis Desrosiers
Designer, design direction
“I enjoy feeling the surge of a creative gesture whether it is about lines, forms or a design element. One can feel when design has been thought out into the minutest details, and this is when it stands out. I do not like “mass concepts,” when design seems to come out of one single mould based on current tastes.
I consider it crucial to ponder every aspect when designing a product. Every time, you need to question everything, to start from scratch. There are no “ready-made” recipes in design. I love great lines that are fluid and streamlined, large gestures. Design purity, in fact, but without pushing for minimalism at all costs. On the other hand, I hate accidents and embellishments; I think the design effort must include the tiniest details. How enjoyable for the eyes and mind to be able to see an object beyond mere purpose and functionality, when the object reaches an unfathomable dimension and finds its own raison d’être!”
Julie Boucher
Designer, director of ergonomics

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