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Your new gooseneck microphone is not working? Check this

by Louis Desrosiers September 23, 2015

That can be confusing : you plug your new gooseneck microphone and nothing happens. Yet your other microphone works perfectly, in the microphone jack!

The solution is very simple and, in almost all cases, sits directly on your mixing board: put the phantom power "on". That's it! It is a switch that can be located on top of the console or sometimes at the back side. It looks like this:

Why is that?
The gooseneck microphones (those who are slim and stylish and that we all like) require electric power to operate. This power is provided by the same as the audio cable that connects them to the console. The other microphones, those that are generally hand held, do not require this power.

Louis Desrosiers
Louis Desrosiers